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We have Clipart Pictures in various categories such as Animal Clipart, Birthday Clipart, Computer Clipart, Flower Clipart, Food Clipart, Money Clipart, Music Clipart, Office Clipart, People Clipart and Sports Clipart!

Each category contains sub-pages for cliparts such as  Flower Clipart ( Roses, Sakura and Subflowers Clipart ).

You can quickly and easily search for any clip art you like. A Search feature is available on the right column. Additionally by visiting any Clipart category such as Animal Clipart, Food Clipart, etc, you can use the dropdown select menu which appears on the right column just below the Clipart Search box which will list all available Clipart graphics making it easier to browse.

All the Clipart Pictures on this website are sourced from Public Domain Image Libraries Only. Public Domain means the images are Free of Copyright and therefore Royalty FREE. You can use such images for anything be it personal or commercial related.  Please read more

Clipart Picture Categories

Animal_Clipart PicturesAnimal Clipart Pictures

If you're looking for Animal related Cliparts such as Tigers, Lions, Birds, Dogs and lot's more. Check out our Animal Clipart Pictures category which contains images of many Animals.


Birthday_Clipart_PicturesBirthday Clipart Pictures

Happy Birthday! Great looking Birthday Clipart pictures such as Balloon Clipart, Gift box Clipart, Birthday Cakes Clipart and Candles Clipart. If you need to print some Birthday related images, please check out the Birthday Clipart Pictures category. 

Computer_Clipart_PicturesComputer Clipart Pictures

In our Computer Clipart images category, you can find a great selection of images such as Monitors and Screens Clipart, Printer Clipart, Laptops Clipart, People with Computers Clipart and lot's more! If you need to print computer related graphics, you're sure to find some great clipart images under Computer Clipart.

Flower_Clipart_PicturesFlower Clipart Pictures

Check out beautiful Flower related Clipart pictures  in our Flower Clipart category. Expect to find flower images such as Rose Clipart, Sunflower Clipart, Sakura Flower Clipart, Tulip Clipart and many more great flowers! We also have 12 gallery pages of assorted flowers too. These pages contains assorted flowers such as African Violets Clipart,  Apple Blossom Clipart and many more! - If you're a flower lover or just need some great Flower graphics for your work, you can pick up some very nice flower clipart picture here.

Food_Clipart_PicturesFood Clipart Pictures

An awesome selection of Food related Clipart pictures. All types of Food Clipart such as Eggs Clipart, Meat Clipart, Fruits Clipart, Vegetables Clipart and many more. The Food clipart category also contains pictures of drinks such as Milk Clipart, Coffee Clipart Pictures and many more! Check out Food Clipart Images. 

Money_Clipart_PicturesMoney Clipart Pictures

Print Free Money related images in our Money Clipart Pictures category. Notes Clipart,  Coins Clipart, Gold Bars Money Clipart Pictures, People with Money Clipart and more!


Music_Clipart_PicturesMusic Clipart Pictures

This category contains an amazing selection of Musical Instrument images which you can print. These Clipart pictures are very detailed and high quality. Find Music Clipart pictures such as Guitars, Drums,, Violins, Pianos and many more great Musical instrument pictures!

Office_Clipart_PicturesOffice Clipart Pictures

If you're looking for Office related Clipart Pictures such as Monitor Clipart, Desk Clipart, Office Cabinet Clipart, Mouse and Keyboard Clipart, etc. Have a look in this section. Office Clipart Pictures contain a large selection of High Quality Free Images you can print and use!

People_Clipart_PicturesPeople Clipart Pictures

We have a great selection of People Clipart Pictures. These are Man Clipart, Woman Clipart, Boy Clipart, Girl Clipart, Children Clipart, Baby Clipart and People in Groups Clipart. These are high quality images and come in a great variety of styles. Free People related Clipart Pictures right here.

Sports_Clipart_PicturesSports Clipart Pictures

Our Sports Clipart Pictures section contains images of many types of Sports. Here you will find Sports related Clipart Images such as Soccer Clipart, Basketball Clipart, Baseball Clipart and many more! If you need some Clipart graphics related to sports, try the Sports Clipart section here.

About Clipart Pictures Org

Our goal is to bring you the highest quality Clipart Images in a large variety of categories/themes. The Clipart Pictures on this site are made possible by the artists who create such wonderful, quality graphics and place it into the Public Domain. When images are placed in the Public Domain, it means anyone can use the Clipart graphics for any purpose and that includes commercial use. If you have any questions, please email us. You can find our email address on this page. It is our wish that this site is helpful to everyone and provides a great outlet for souring Quality Clipart Pictures which are Royalty Free.

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Each category contains several pages of clip-art graphics and each page usually contains a selection of several clipart images. To view a bigger picture, simply click on the clipart picture thumbnail. This will open a new window with the large clipart  which you can print.

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Every Image on this site is sourced from Public Domain Resources and Pictures are Royalty Free.

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